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When your freedom is at stake, Fetky & Petty, LLC is a trusted name for skilled and aggressive representation. Our trial lawyers have a proven record in criminal cases throughout New Jersey. We don’t start with the mindset of cutting a deal – we mount a true defense to fight for your future.

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We Do Our Best Work In Court

We are William Fetky and Jonathan Petty, veteran trial lawyers with over 45 years of combined experience. On a daily basis, we are fighting for our clients in state, federal and municipal courts of New Jersey. We know the tendencies of individual judges and how to approach your case accordingly.

We regularly take cases to trial, and that courtroom reputation works to your advantage. Those prosecutors know they will not get past us with a thin case, which may open the door for a favorable resolution.

We have handled the full range of criminal matters, from drunk driving and traffic offenses to major felonies such as fraud, drug trafficking, rape and murder. Whatever allegations you are facing, we take our role seriously. If we cannot get the charges dismissed or penalties reduced, we are prepared to fight for you at trial to avoid jail or prison.

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We’re Known For Big Cases And Tough Cases

Fetky & Petty, LLC, is accustomed to high-stakes and high-profile criminal matters. We have represented college athletes who went on to play in the NFL. We defended Ted Connors, whose recent murder trial ended in a hung jury on all counts. The double homicide cold case attracted nationwide attention, including a full-length episode on ABC’s 20/20. No case is too big or too complex for us. We help clients weather the media storm while we are building a strong and strategic defense.

An Ex-Cop And Former Prosecutor On Your Side

William Fetky served 14 years as a police officer in Westchester County, then as an assistant prosecutor in Middlesex County, before opening his own law firm. That background provides key legal insight into how the prosecution builds its case … and therefore how to think like law enforcement and find the holes in their case.

Jonathan Petty has built a reputation as a formidable trial lawyer, with many notable jury verdicts and other favorable outcomes for his clients. He has been selected to Super Lawyers Rising Stars for his skill and accomplishments in criminal defense.

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William Fetky

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