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Experienced Representation For Domestic Violence And Restraining Orders

Police, prosecutors and judges take domestic violence seriously. When someone calls 911 about a domestic disturbance, it sets several events in motion. The attorneys at Fetky & Petty, LLC, can intervene to protect your rights and make sure you are treated fairly in the legal system.

We handle both the criminal charges and the civil proceedings. If you fear that you or your children will be harmed, we can help you obtain court-ordered protection. If you stand accused of domestic assault, we can defend you against the allegations and challenge the need for an ongoing restraining order.

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Defense Against Domestic Abuse Charges

The strains of the pandemic have increased altercations between spouses and partners. When police respond to a domestic call, they are required to make an arrest to err on the side of caution and safety. If the alleged victim follows through and files a criminal complaint, that case is heard in municipal court. Our attorneys have 45 years of combined experience in criminal defense, including domestic violence cases in Middlesex County and throughout New Jersey. We will take action to get unfounded charges dismissed or to minimize the consequences.

At the time of the arrest, a judge often grants a temporary restraining order (TRO) barring the alleged aggressor from contacting the victim or returning to the home. Within 10 days, there will be a hearing on whether to convert the TRO to a final restraining order (FRO). We have represented both the accused and the victims in FRO hearings. We know what evidence the judge will consider and how to argue for or against a “permanent” protective order.

Skilled Advocacy For A Serious And Delicate Issue

We know that domestic violence charges often have implications for divorce and custody proceedings, for the ability to possess firearms and for future employment, not to mention the possibility of jail time. You can count on Fetky & Petty, LLC, to strongly assert your rights and defenses to limit the impact on your life.

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