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Experienced Defense For Drug Charges

If you are arrested in connection with a drug investigation, you can’t talk your way out of trouble. The only thing you should say is that you want to speak with legal counsel.

The criminal defense lawyers of Fetky & Petty, LLC, provide experienced advocacy for anyone accused of drug crimes. Whether it is your first brush with the law or you have prior drug convictions, we are confident our intervention can improve the ultimate outcome of your case.

Arrested for drugs or suspect you are under surveillance? Call our New Brunswick office at 855-774-5902. We handle drug crimes across New Jersey.

Drug Crimes Are Punished Severely

A drug crime conviction usually means prison time, plus a felony record that will cast a long shadow in your life. We have helped many clients avoid a conviction or limit those harsh and long-lasting consequences. With 45 years of combined experience, our attorneys have handled the full spectrum of drug crimes and related criminal charges, including:

  • Drug possession (cocaine, heroin, meth, etc.)
  • Possession of prescription drugs (OxyContin, Xanax, etc.)
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug trafficking
  • Maintaining a CDS (controlled dangerous substance) production facility
  • Money laundering of drug proceeds

Prior convictions or confiscated weapons can enhance the penalties and limit your options, making it all the more important to have a skilled and experienced defense lawyer.

Fighting The Charges And Limiting The Fallout

Charges of trafficking or intent to distribute are chiefly based on the quantity of drugs seized. Prosecutors often overcharge these cases and put an unfair emphasis on money or firearms recovered. Our lawyers work to get unfounded charges dismissed or reduced. We examine every facet of the investigation and arrest for defense angles, including possible Fourth Amendment violations relating to traffic stops, search warrants, informants or surveillance.

Nonviolent offenders may be able to take advantage of drug court to qualify for drug treatment in lieu of incarceration. We explore all avenues to keep our clients out of jail and preserve their future.

Our founding attorney is a former police officer and prosecutor who has handled drug charges from the other side. That helps us to anticipate their tactics and deconstruct their case. Both of our lawyers are courtroom veterans, and we have taken many drug cases to trial.

Get Our Lawyers Involved As Soon As Possible

Do not give statements or try to negotiate without the advice of an attorney. Call Fetky & Petty, LLC, at 855-774-5902 or email us today for a free and confidential consultation. Our office is located in New Brunswick, but we provide drug crime defense throughout New Jersey.