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Experienced Defense For Sex Crime Allegations

With the prospect of prison, a felony record and sex offender registration, you can’t afford to be found guilty as charged. The goal must be to avoid a conviction or to prevent charges in the first place. That is where the law firm of Fetky & Petty, LLC, comes in.

Our trial lawyers have 45 years of combined experience in criminal defense, including favorable resolutions in many sex crime cases. We understand that your freedom, your reputation and your future are at stake. You can count on us to assert your rights and fight the charges.

Accused of sexual misconduct or a computer sex crime? We represent people throughout New Jersey. Call 855-774-5902 for a free consultation.

Any Sex Offense Is A Serious Matter

Whatever charges you face, we have probably handled a similar case. Our attorneys have experience with the full spectrum of sex crimes, including:

  • Sexual assault (rape) or sexual contact
  • Endangering the welfare of a child
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Statutory rape (“consensual” sex with a minor)
  • Soliciting minors for sex on the internet
  • “Sexting” when the recipient or subject is underage
  • Possessing or distributing child pornography
  • Prostitution and human trafficking

Many sex crimes are indictable crimes (first- or second-degree offenses), carrying substantial prison terms and sex offender registry if convicted. When our attorneys are involved early in the case, we try to influence the charging decisions to get charges dismissed or downgraded to lesser offenses. Sometimes we can negotiate solutions that hold individuals accountable without the lifetime consequences of the sex offender label.

A True Defense For Sexual Allegations

We are accomplished litigators who regularly argue motions in court and take cases to trial. Our lawyers are very familiar with the New Jersey criminal code, including the elements that the prosecution must prove. For example, a charge of aggravated sexual assault elevates the penalties but is strictly defined. The nuances of what constitutes lasting injury, coercion, consent or incapacitated can make all the difference in the outcome. We make the prosecution prove its case.

We also work with experts who can help us analyze forensic evidence, from DNA samples to electronic trails in computers and cellphones. Our defense often involves Fourth Amendment issues of search, seizure and undercover officers, or cross-examining investigators and mandated reporters whose interviews with the alleged victim triggered criminal charges.

We Protect Your Rights At Every Stage

Being charged with a sex crime is a terrifying and lonely ordeal. Fetky & Petty, LLC, will fiercely assert your rights in all legal proceedings and work hard to spare you from the worst. We take cases throughout New Jersey and provide a free, confidential consultation. Call our New Brunswick office at 855-774-5902 or contact us online.